The Best Online Businesses To Have in 2016


With the recession looming large ahead of all of us and the insecurity of our full time jobs, have you thought of how sweet it will be to be building a nice little side income that can at least take care of your daily expenses. Or how about letting this side income grow into a business that can bring you …

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More Agents Leave the Industry as Property Market Slows Down

Expired red grunge stamp

It has been reported in the media that property agents are leaving the industry by the thousands. Many are not renewing their registrations with the relevant authorities as the going gets tougher. Business Times reported on 16 Oct that : “close to 4,000 real estate agents have dropped out of the industry while over 50 agencies have closed shop over …

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These are the top 6 tech trends to watch in 2016

Each year brings with it a plentitude of new technologies and information technology solutions. Some of them quickly fade away, but some catch on and become the newest tech trends. Our list contains only those trends that will affect lives of everyday people and bring noticeable changes to how we operate in our daily lives. Drones Drones and their usages …

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The Journey of An Entrepreneur

long road

How Successful Entrepreneurs Overcome Challenges. As an entrepreneur, you understand the importance of being determined and finding solutions. However, there are many different challenges that you may face along the way that can test your strength and determination. There will be pitfalls that may seem insurmountable. The key to finding success is finding ways to turn those difficult situations and …

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7 tips to Propel You to the Ranks of a Sales Rockstar

Mike with an audience on the background

Do you adopt a one size fits all strategy when it comes to talking to your prospects? Stop it right now because this is exactly why your sales are suffering. Successful sales people are not more intelligent or talented than you are — They simply have learned how to do things in a different way and make money while doing …

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Best online businesses in 2016


Dengan resesi yang menjulang besar di depan kita semua dan ketidakamanan dari kerja penuh waktu kita, pernahkah Anda berpikir tentang betapa manisnya membangun sebuah penghasilan sampingan kecil yang bagus yang setidaknya bisa mengurus pengeluaran keseharian Anda. Atau bagaimana membiarkan pendapatan sampingan ini tumbuh menjadi sebuah bisnis yang dapat memberikan Anda penghasilan tanpa harus muncul di kantor di hari yang hujan, …

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The Next Big Thing In Social Media

Social Media Core Principles as a Concept

The Next Big Thing In Social Media-Influencer Marketing The voice of the consumer since forever has been the most powerful element in marketing and today’s social media platforms actually act as one big megaphone over which that voice can easily be heard. Today social media has very dramatically changed the balance of power between brands and customers because social media …

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7 Life Changing Tips For Keeping A Clean Home

living room

Having a clean home is an excellent way of pampering and loving yourself. There is nothing more pleasurable than coming home to sparkling clean table tops, a clutter free space and clean and fresh smelling bedsheets . But in order for this to happen, some preparations must be made. I used to see “Clean As You Go” stickers pasted in …

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