7 Life Changing Tips For Keeping A Clean Home

Having a clean home is an excellent way of pampering and loving yourself. There is nothing more pleasurable than coming home to sparkling clean table tops, a clutter free space and clean and fresh smelling bedsheets . But in order for this to happen, some preparations must be made. I used to see “Clean As You Go” stickers pasted in the kitchens of fast food restaurants and I realise now that that’s the best way to deal with a mess. Before it starts.


I will be the first to “come clean” (ha, see what I did there?!). I love having a clean home, but hate actually cleaning it!


I’d love to say I’m this epically perfect wife and mother, and I have everything in order and sparkling every second of every day, but I’d be lying more than every time I say I am starting my diet on Monday!


Between work, appointments, kids, meals, and everything in between, cleaning is usually the thing that gets bumped to the bottom of my list. Why? Because we can get by in a messy house.


It wasn’t until just recently that I realized how tired I was of just “getting by” in our cluttered abode, and really decided to clean up in a way that I could maintain without wanting to run away and never come back.


Systems are crucial to have in place if you expect to maintain a clean and organized home, and they take the brain-power out of the equation, which let’s face it, I just don’t have a lot left of at the end of a long day!


These tips are absolutely life changing, because a clean home (or lack thereof!) impacts your family’s emotional and mental state in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine. A cluttered, messy home, can contribute to excess stress, overwhelm, fatigue, anxiety, depression…you get the idea!


7 Life Changing Tips For Keeping A Clean Home


  1. Keep A Schedule!
    Taking a couple of hours to create a cleaning schedule you can stick to will save you hundreds of hours over time! Plus, splitting your cleaning up over the week/month as it makes sense with your family’s needs, makes it easier to complete tasks on your checklist, removing the overwhelm a mile long list can create!
  2. One Load At A Time!
    I know this can seem counterproductive, but hear me out! How many times have you spent all day running the washer and dryer, only to have the laundry sit in a pile waiting to be folded and put away so long it ends up needing to be washed again? Hopefully I’m not the only one here!
    Keep yourself on track by completing an entire load (wash, dry, and put away) before filling the washer again, eliminating those “is it clean?” piles from around the house.
  3. Convenience Cleaning
    I know cleaning never sounds convenient, but when you start looking for opportunities, there are ways to sneak cleaning into times that never would have occurred to you. Wipe down the walls and tub while you’re in the shower, give the kitchen counter a quick clean while you wait for the microwave, put away as many toys as you can during a commercial break…it almost becomes like a game!
  4. Everything Must Go!
    This can be a hard one for some people, but the truth is, the more stuff you have, the more time you’ll have to spend cleaning it!
    Spend just one weekend, and dedicate the entire weekend to sorting through items to keep vs donate, and get rid of the clutter! If you look at something and can’t honestly say it makes you happy or brings you some sort of joy, it needs to go!
  5. Get Rid Of Labels
    This isn’t so much of a cleaning tip as it is a tip to help you have a clean feeling home. Labels, tags, words of any sort are surrounding you right now, creating visual clutter. Getting rid of labels and tags on visible boxes, containers, jars, etc. will minimize visual clutter, instantly making your home feel cleaner.
  6. Keep Cleaners Handy
    Having what you need to tidy up easily accesible makes on the spot cleaning simpler, and more likely to happen! Simply keeping disinfectant spray, bathroom cleaner, and some cloths in the bathroom, a dusting cloth in a living room drawer, or disinfectant wipes in the kitchen, makes you more likely to just grab them and clean up immediately when you notice a mess.

Get The Family Involved
Taking all of the household chores on yourself is not helping anyone! You’re not able to do it all, and your family ends up with a tired, cranky version of you. Delegate age appropriate chores to young kids, and divide up the rest between yourself, your spouse, and any older children, to make sure everything is getting taken care of, without it all falling on the shoulders of one person.

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