[Facebook Training] Calling all business owners who want to sky-rocket their sales using Facebook Marketing!

Get 1000 qualified leads on FB in 48 hours with only $98

John Soto is a Social Media Master and owner of a million dollar Digital Marketing agency.  In this training he dissects the entire anatomy of winning facebook adverts and shares 6 secrets:

  • How to create and craft an offer that’s so compelling that the facebook fans can’t help but to share the post virally and cause it spread like wild fire!
  • The exact tool he used to create contests that takes the audience by storm which results into many organic meaning “free” shares. This means that you only need to spend very little to reach out to many new fans.
  • He goes through the exact psychology behind the type of offer that’s most attractive to your targeted audience.
  • What is the best lead magnet in his winning campaign that raked in 1100 email leads? Imagine if these leads convert into your regular client base who gives you a steady stream of business?
  • How to create powerful images that paint pictures in your customer’s head using a powerful free tool called canva.com
  • What kind of text to write in your post(facebook advert) so that you can fully convey the value of your promotion to them.

The Ad

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The Targeting of the Right Audience


For example if you are selling golf equipment, you will not likely reach your target arket if you simply type in Tiger Woods in the interests section. This is because Tiger Woods is known for many other things besides the golf and even people who are not golfers know who Tiger Woods is. So if you purely target him you may only reach his fans but not necessarily people who will buy golf equipment.

You can go about targeting the right people by asking these questions for examplwhat authority figures they follow,

  1. the websites they are reading
  2. the events that they attend
  3.  the kind of tools that they are using
  4. search Amazon and see what books your target audience is reading

In this training you go behind the curtains of how the exact avatar is being sought out for a product that is created for the busy executive who wants to get fit.  You get to see the exact thinking process so that you can sniff out the perfect prospect for your product.

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