7 tips to Propel You to the Ranks of a Sales Rockstar

Do you adopt a one size fits all strategy when it comes to talking to your prospects? Stop it right now because this is exactly why your sales are suffering.

Successful sales people are not more intelligent or talented than you are — They simply have learned how to do things in a different way and make money while doing it. Use the following 7 steps to up your game and bring your business to a whole new level.

    1. Don’t just fire away and hope something sticks!

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As salespeople, we are usually so excited about the features of our product that we rattle off the features without even knowing whether the prospect is in the least interested. We are truly guilty of committing the unforgiveable crime of verbal diarhorrea. We dump all the features of the product, the history of our company on the poor prospect and hope that he can sift and sort and make some sense of it. And hopefully be impressed with at least some of the points. But this is the sure-fire way to bore the prospect and cause him to lose all interest.

 2.        Pinpoint what they want and give it to them

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What’s the best way to know what your customers want? The secret is to ask the right questions. Not to ask them directly want they want because they probably will not know too! This is especially so if they are buying this product or service for the first time.

The trick is to ask them leading questions that will make them think. What are their pet peeves? What constitutes a pleasurable experience? This will lead them to disclose what is important to them so that you can give them what they want.

For example if you have a pressing headache, would it help you if I gave you lozenges for a sore throat? Or would you prefer to get your hands on the very solution that can end your pain now: Panadol. Like the great saying goes: if you talk you are only regurgitating what you know. But if you listen you are learning something new.

  1. Master Your Subject

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The sales people who are guilty of the above mentioned verbal diarhorrea is also very likely to lack a good grasp of his subject matter and thus VD is just a smokescreen to cover this up. So whats the lesson here? Get up to speed with all aspects of your industry so that you can field any question from any prospect. Step into the shoes of your prospect and make believe that you are he for a day. See through his eyes and you will see his concerns, pains and wishes.

  1. Use Their Own Words, Not Yours

The sales pitch is not the best time to impress your prospect the vastness of your vocabulary. To create instant rapport with them, we have to use THEIR words. These are words that they own and therein lies embedded signals to trigger certain buying emotions in your prospect. For example if they say that they are looking for a honest salesperson, use the word “honest” and not other words like “reliable” or “trustworthy”. You may be surprised but it could be the case that no other word feels the same as “honest” to your prospect. Head nods from them guaranteed!

  1. Take notes when they are talking

This shows you are serious about meeting their needs. Your prospects immediately single you out as a professional who can help them. Your prospect also tend to think more carefully about your questions before answering-it’s a natural instinct. Besides making your prospect feel important, it’s also been scientifically proven that taking notes help you remember so well that you probably may not need to refer to your notes afterwards!

  1. Tell them what time you have to leave(You are a busy person!)

Before you even go into the discussion proper, tell them what time you have to go for example your next appointment is in an hour’s time. This assures them that they will not be subject to the hard sell tactic of not being able to leave unless they buy something from you. They will also likely be more attentive to you and take you more seriously because you don’t have much time with them. Busy people are invariably more attractive than people who have loads of time on their hands.

  1. Pretend to Be On a Date-Be genuinely interested in them

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I have had the pleasurable experience of dating a person who displayed a genuine interest in me on our first date. He asked me questions like my opinions of certain things, how I had spent my childhood and what fascinated during my teenage years. Not only women feel flattered when someone shows great interest, it’s the same with our customers too. So lay on the love!

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