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The Next Big Thing In Social Media-Influencer Marketing

The voice of the consumer since forever has been the most powerful element in marketing and today’s social media platforms actually act as one big megaphone over which that voice can easily be heard. Today social media has very dramatically changed the balance of power between brands and customers because social media has become one way through which people share and find out through peer recommendations as to what should they buy and what should they follow. Social media has amplified peer recommendations about purchasing decisions and therefore given rise to a new concept in marketing, influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that recognizes and concentrates on individuals who have a presence and can influence potential buyers through their decisions. In the past, products and brands focused on bloggers and celebrities to endorse their products but now, there are everyday consumers with influence in their circle of the social media whose decisions can have just as large and as important an impact on the buyers like past famous brand ambassadors.

Influencer marketing is the next big thing in social media. When a brand indentifies an influencer they check out the followers that person has on the social media, his/her credibility and expertise on a particular subject and how is the relationship between that particular individual and his followers. By judging this, the brands can consider the person capable of leading successful marketing campaigns and thus drives their sales more effectively.

The best thing about influencer marketing is the fact that it drives sales more effectively than anything else.  Word of mouth is more powerful and more influential than any other sales technique and it has a higher retention rate than any other form of paid advertising. Influencer marketing without a doubt is a glaring opportunity for small and big brands alike to leverage and make the best use of the power word of mouth has through individuals whom consumers already admire and follow.

Influencer marketing is actually affecting our lives in a dramatic way; more than we have actually perceived. In the past consumers who made purchasing decisions by looking at advertisements have changed their buying patterns because they can now connect with their fellow consumers through social media and make informed decisions about buying a certain product after learning about it from them.

Today people expect brands to be able to talk to them directly. Consumers don’t want brands to sell their products to them but to inform them and entertain them. In this new era, influencers are a force brands reckon with to sell their products. Brands strategically partner with the right individuals who can spark worthwhile conversations with other follow consumers and seduce followers to buy their products.

Everybody is talking about influencer marketing because its affecting just about everybody from people to brands. And because consumers are tired of paid ads, they want to have something worthwhile to look forward so that it can actually help them buy the right thing, make an informed decision.

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